ELBOW- Lateral Epicondylitis


Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is really common to see that people use their wrist a lot, or too long that band the hand backward, lead to muscle inflammation.
It usually happens on the tendon that attached on you lateral elbow called extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB), but sometimes will still find out on extensor carpi radialis longus or extensor digitorum.
Not only tennis player will suffer this problem. Any activities that repetitive strains the muscle around the elbow will cause it.
High-Risk Groups
Many types of athletes—as well as anyone who relies on heavy use of repetitive arm and/or hand motions in their daily occupations—are at risk for developing tennis elbow.
Patient will complain that there's a pain on the lateral region of the elbow. The individual will feel more main while they griping or lifting things.
Get enough rest after doing the repetitive movement, and have some rest during the movement. Apply ice pack while acute period. Also can wear some support that can help you relife the pain while you doing the exercise or work.
Avoid doing the same movement that will get inflammation. Don’t continue the movement or exercise while you feel pain.


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