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The Airy Series showcases our commitment to redefining comfort and freedom of movement. Through the use of lightweight and breathable materials, we provide users with the protection they seek, all while avoiding the discomfort and perspiration often associated with conventional braces.

Bracoo is dedicated to helping people prevent and recover from injuries. Our goal is to provide knowledge and guidance to our valued customers as they embark on their lifelong journey to stay active and healthy. After many years of research and commitment, Bracoo has helped usher in a new era for braces.


Advanced Compression Stitch Material

Our specially designed fabric, refined by our shaping machines, facilitates the creation of a slim, skin-friendly brace that guarantees unparalleled quality and comfort.

Breathable Performance

Engineered with highly breathable materials, our Airy Series braces ensure optimal airflow and moisture dispersion. This effectively eliminates skin irritations and prevents the buildup of unpleasant odors.

Adaptive Stretch

The braces are stretchable in all four directions, ensuring a tailored fit for individuals of various shapes and sizes.

Long-Term Comfort

The inherent elasticity of our braces allows for extended usage without causing irritation. Perfect for daily wear, these products provide the confidence you need to tackle everyday activities and intense exercises.

Tailored Support

As a result of our cutting-edge shaping machine technology, each area of the body receives customized firmness and thickness adjustments, catering to the unique needs of each user.


Mild (Level 2)

Knee Airy Sleeve

Thumb & Wrist Airy sleeve

Foot Arch Airy Sleeve

Firm (Level 4)

Low Back Airy Wrap

Low Back Airy Wrap

Ankle Airy Sleeve

Strong (Level 5)

Low Back Airy Wrap
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